Testimonials:  Helping You Connect with Your Healing Energy


Alice is the only person I know who does a beautiful blend of shamanism, physical mediumship, medical intuitive wisdom, and spiritual healing facilitation that all works together wonderfully to help others heal themselves and connect with their loved ones on the other side.  She has been a blessing to me and countless others!  She and Spirit have saved lives, physically healed, transmuted density, and conforted the grieving. 

~~~ Marina from Augusta



I confess I was a skeptic when one of my sisters asked me to come to a table tipping group session with her. But when Alice matter of factly told me my nephew, who had recently passed, was holding a childhood dog out to me, I knew this was the real deal. She said he was not holding the dog out to my sister and me, but just to me. What no one there knew was that only 2 days before I had been wondering if my nephew would help my dog cross over when the time came, and I sent him a prayer asking if he could do that for me. It was definitely a goose-bump moment.


Since that time, I have had other sessions with Alice. Every time, she has brought healing and lightness to those who have participated. She is by far the best medium I have ever been to. She is confident in her abilities, is very down to earth, and is focused on giving people the messages they are supposed to receive (not just what they want to hear!). Recently I held a group reading for my other sister and my husband’s benefit, and they both expressed how accurate the messages were, and how much they had to think about. My husband said he felt happier than he had in a long time, and my sister began the process of healing after the passing of her son. Giving people those restorative messages if such a special gift. If you are considering trying this I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so.


~~~Renee, CPA from Bangor



"Saturday, October 1, 2011 is the day my life changed. This is the day that my family and I attended the Healing Arts and Psychic Festival. That day my family and I attended the table tipping session with Alice and Gayle. We had never attended one nor had we ever witnessed a session. It was a very powerful experience. I lost my mother to cancer in February 2011. My wife wanted me to go to the table if possible, but I had told her no. During this session the decision was taken away from me. We witnessed 2 separtate readings and were amazed. The time came for two more people to approach the table, but one person was turned away as there was a message coming through that there was someone that NEEDED to come to the table. Gayle stated that this person was a smoker, had lost someone to cancer and was directly behind her. My wife turned to me and and just stared. That person was me. I had not had a cigarette since 6:00am and had showered afterward so I knew that she could not smell any smoke on me. I still did not approach the table. Gayle told the group that the session could not go on until this person came forward because the spirits would not allow it. I stepped forward. Alice looked at me and said "it is you. You are the one". Gayle was having difficulty breathing, looked at me and said that I would be on oxygen if things did not change. My wife was crying because she knew it was true. I was hurting my family by not taking care of myself. The session went on and my mother came through the table for me. The messages I recieved nobody else could have known about. I was amazed and scared. I knew I had to listen. One week later I quit smoking and have not smoked since.


On October 21, 2011, I had a healing session with Alice. I had no idea what to expect, but it was recommended so I thought why not. This experience was extremely calming. I felt so "renewed" when it was done. Messages that Alice told me that day, again, nobody would have known unless the message was coming from my loved ones. Alice told me that day that I was having pain in my hips and right knee. This was something that I did not tell her and she was so correct. I had been having these pains for quite some time. After this healing session, I had no pain and it was the best that I had felt in a long time.


Alice King is an amazing woman with powerful abilities. I thank God we attended this session with her because I truly believe she saved my life. Thank you Alice for sharing your spiritual abilities!!


~~~Rob Mercier



When I first met Alice, I was struggling with depression and severe IBS.  Within a few healing sessions with her my symptoms began to diminish.  Not only is she a Shaman in her own right, she intuitively shares with her clients and provides tools for them to take and embrace for self-healing.


~~~In peace. -Linda Anderson


Through table tipping, Alice has helped me integrate parts of my Self that were previously fragmented, cut off, and disowned.  She helped me communicate with loved ones on the other side, and she even helped me have a conversation with my son (his higher self) who was struggling with opiate addiction.  Healing opportunities through table tipping mixed with Alice's unique gift of relaying messages from Spirit have allowed me to move from a place of hopelessness and emotional despair to compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love.  Thank you , Alice, from the bottom of my heart.