Helping You Connect with Your Healing Energy

After working 35 years in the health care profession as an RN, I started to follow my passion of healing work through connection with Spirit and Energy Work. This healing journey began 18 years ago after my oldest brother succumbed to cancer. Having never experienced visits from spirits, I became fearful, and also curious, when he visited me within a couple of days after his transition. My curiosity lead me on a search---a search where I was to discover my own spirit and my purpose in life. I found that my purpose was to help others in their healing through energy work. My quest for learning energy work has taken me to several training retreats in Maine to as far as Peru, Chile and California as well as hiking and camping at Maine's Boreston Mountain Audubon Sanctuary and functioning as an instructor assistant to a Shamanic Energy Healer in New Hampshire.


Through Seeds of Grace, my goal is to assist others to "feel good" in body, mind and spirit by facilitating their soul development when they become "stuck" in their spiritual journey utilizing energy healing and Spiritual Table Tipping. I incorporate the sacred space of the circle of Spiritual Table Tipping as a tool to communicate with loved ones and Spirit Guides. Helping over 2000 people through Spiritual Table Tipping over the past 18 years, has also increased my intuitive and mediumship abilities with giving messages from deceased loved ones and Spirit Guides. Besides helping others through Spiritual Table Tipping and Energy Healing, I am a Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner.  My passion for Spiritual Table Tipping, intuitive work and energy healing work grows daily and I am very excited to share this work with you!