Helping You Connect with
Your Healing Energy

Alice Marie Bizier King 

Seeds of Grace


Winslow, Maine 04901



Alice is the only person I know who does a beautiful blend of shamanism, physical mediumship, medical intuitive wisdom, and spiritual healing facilitation that all works together wonderfully to help others heal themselves and connect with their loved ones on the other side.  She has been a blessing to me and countless others!  She and Spirit have saved lives, physically healed, transmuted density, and comforted the grieving.~~~Marina (Augusta, Maine)

Spiritual Table Tipping Sessions

My soul's mission is to serve, facilitate and inspire soul healing; to prove continuity of life; and, to create awareness and connection to the Divinity within each of us.


My main goal is to assist you with your soul evolution in your spiritual journey. I want to keep your positive flow going!

During a Spiritual Table Tipping session you communicate with Loved Ones who have passed on, or as I like to view them, Loved Ones who have transitioned to their next chapter of existence.

During a session, attendees have experienced the following:

 *   Physical, emotional and spiritual wellness
 *   Connection and relationship with their Guardian Angel & Spirit Guides
 *   Discovering a soul plan and their true path
 *   Learning about any "stuck" areas and how to release them
 *   Understanding how to gain the most out of relationships
 *   Receiving career and business guidance
 *   Gaining closure with past life events
 *   And so much more!

Please know that I am here to help you connect with loved ones who have passed bring you their special messages, and the messages of your angels.

To schedule a Spiritual Table Tipping Session, either for group or individual, please call (207)314-1499 or email at

Spiritual Table Tipping Sessions are $80 per hour for individual or groups.

Here are the sessions you can choose from: 

To schedule your time please call (207) 314-1499. 

Or email